Auction Instructions

Auction instructions


1. Instructions and conditions for registration on the auction site

  • Log in to the auction page of the auction site
  • Registration using a mobile number or an active email to receive the registration activation code
  • In the event that a message appears indicating the presence of a mobile number or an email in advance, the password can be retrieved
  • If there is any problem with the login, you can contact technical support.
  • All customers are required to do periodic updates to (MOZAYADA) applications and make sure to use the latest available version of the applications on your device's app store before bidding. MOZAYADA is not responsible for the lack of any information or any change in services as a result of not updating the application
  • Do not use the site if you do not have the legal authority to bid, or if you do not reach the age of 18, or if you are prevented from using the site, whether it is temporary or final.
  • Do not publish false, incorrect, or misleading information or that may challenge or discredit any party.


2. Instructions for confirming personal account information

  • fill in data with profile fields
  • Acknowledgment of the accuracy of the previous information


3. Conditions for participation in auctions

  • Registration on the online auction site as per the instructions in the Registration Instructions and Conditions section
  • Confirm personal account information as instructed
  • Browsing free of charge, and in case of willing to bid, the bidder’s entry insurance must be paid by the one specified on the bidder's commodity page.
  • Knowing all government regulations and instructions related to auction operations and their implementation, including the traffic system and its executive regulations and all instructions related to it and the system of the Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


4. Payment channels available

  • Payment can be made using the multi-channel platform, including:
  1. Payment via the platform using electronic payment methods (Mada - Visa - MasterCard ...)
  2. Automated teller cards through the national electronic point of sale network available at the main center of Mozayada or one of its branches in the Kingdom.
  • Check certified as MIDDCO
  • Upload a copy of the bank transfer receipt to the website:
  • Approving the terms of electronic payment
  • Conditions for electronic payment:
  1. There are no conditions for payment through Mada.
  2. Payment by Visa and MasterCard requires an additional 2.5% discount for each sale, subject to conditions.


5. Bidding and submitting purchase offers

  • 5.1 The bidding for the goods or vehicles offered in the auction shall be carried out through the auction website only through the activated personal accounts confirmed by your auction and after payment of the bid entry insurance for the customer’s wallet.
  • When the bidding period for the item has expired, it is considered sold to the highest price for the customer and shows all increasing prices (except for the closed auction, where all prices appear simultaneously at the end of the auction)


6. Complete the sale

  • The buyer is notified by text message on the number registered in the profile or email from the system.
  • The buyer must pay the amount through the available channels within a maximum period of three days.
  • VAT is added at 15% on all sales value, auction fees (2.5%), and other fees if any
  • In case the buyer fails to pay the amounts due on him for a period that exceeds five working days, the customer declares that the sale is null and the right to the auction is to confiscate the deposit provided by the buyer according to the penal terms in the credit policy section of MOZAYADA
  • The official documents of the sold goods are delivered to the customer after ensuring that all the sums incurred are paid.
  • 6.6 All transactions are made in Saudi riyals ٬ your auction is not responsible for any loss resulting from the exchange between currencies and / or the loss resulting from bank transfers between different currencies.
  • The bidder is not entitled to undo the bid, especially after confirming the bid, and therefore bears the responsibility for that and the consequences.


7. Removal of the vehicle’s primary owner’s name

  • The buyer is obliged to remove the name of the principal owner of the vehicle immediately after paying the purchase price or the special conditions of the commodity according to the attached statement before bidding
  • The buyer shall bear all fees and charges (removal of the vehicle’s primary owner’s name), including transfer of ownership, examination, and renewal of expired driving licenses.


8. Post-sale authorization and property transfer (vehicle) insurance

  • If the primary owner of the vehicle requests to place his name as an actual user, the buyer accepts the vehicles that he purchased directly upon payment until (the removal of the primary vehicle owner’s name).
  • In the event that proof (removal of the vehicle's primary owner name) is not provided within a week from the date of sale, the company has the right to confiscate the transfer of insurance.
  • The buyer undertakes and acknowledges that he alone will bear the security, legal and traffic responsibility from the date of vehicle receipt with payment of any traffic violation recorded on the vehicle
  • The company has the right in the event that the date for submitting proof (removal of the vehicle's primary owner name) is passed by the buyer by taking formal legal and legal measures
  • The company has the right in the event that the date for submitting proof (removal of the vehicle's primary owner name) is exceeded by the buyer.
  • The company has the right, if the date for submitting a proof (removal of the vehicle’s primary owner’s name) to be overridden by the buyer, by dropping the vehicles from the primary owner’s ownership without consulting the buyer


9. Receipt of goods sold

  • The customer must receive his purchases according to the specified period in the event that shipping is not within the services, and in the case of vehicle auction sales, the customer must withdraw the vehicles from the auction site within seven days from the date of sale and in the event of shipping the customer bears the follow-up of the shipping process with the shipping company without any Liability for the auction
  • Vehicles or goods are delivered to the buyer after bringing proof (removal of the vehicle’s primary owner’s name) and completion of auction terms
  • The goods or vehicles are delivered and the exit permit is issued to the buyer himself or his legal representative or authorized by him in accordance with a certified letter
  • Goods or vehicles sold from the auction warehouse land are transferred to the warehouse land in the event that the buyer does not receive his vehicles after seven days from the date of sale
  • Storage charges are calculated at seventy five riyals, 75 riyals for each day after the date of delivery
  • If the storage expenses exceed the value of the vehicle, the company has the right to resell it and meet its price for itself, and the buyer has no right to claim the good or the vehicle or its value


10. Refund the insurance amount

  • To retrieve the insurance value, the registrant on the site must enter the IBAN number of the bank account and upload a copy of the account number card on the bank accounts page of the personal file
  • The amount of the insurance is returned by bank transfer to the bank bidder's account in the absence of any obligations on it
  • The amount of the insurance is returned according to our registration data, and if the payment of that amount is made through another person / other party, the amount is returned to the source from which the payment was made. All returns are made by check or bank transfer


11. General provisions

  • The user of the site declares that no one else is aware of the secret passcode and that he alone bears responsibility for losing it and ensuring that others are not able to view it or use it
  • In case of forgetting the secret code or wanting to change it, the user alone is able to access the website to obtain the secret code or the alternative secret code
  • The company has the right to limit, suspend or terminate any of the services provided by the site, prevent users from entering the site, or take electronic or legal measures without notice or cancel inactive or inactive accounts.
  • The company has the right to prohibit or prevent anyone from participating in the auction or canceling its auctions if it provided incorrect information or used invalid payment methods or violated the auction laws or any other reasons
  • In the event of a technical problem or an uncontrollable problem, the company has the right to close the site or extend the auction for an additional period of time canceling or postponing the bid for any reason it sees until the technical fault is fixed
  • Communicate as much as possible with the subscribers and inform them of the technical breakdown and developments as they happen and the increasing member undertakes not to claim the company for any compensation for any damage caused by the problem
  • The company has the right to change all or part of the auction laws when needed without giving prior notice to subscribers registered on the site
  • Arabic is the language used on the site and if there is any inconsistency between the Arabic and foreign text, it works with the Arabic text
  • These provisions nullify all the above conditions and alone govern the relationship between the company and its customers
  • In the event of a guarantee on the commodity, the buyer may object to the guarantee by submitting proof that the guarantee does not match the condition of the vehicle within a maximum period of one working day only
  • Every customer who uses the Mozayada platform acknowledges his knowledge of the terms and conditions of the platform in full and is fully qualified and denies ignorance of every process he performs on the site
  • The registrar of the site undertakes the authenticity of his personal information and acknowledges his responsibility alone for all the operations carried out on the site and related to his registration
  • When registering to the site and submitting the purchase offer, the registrant shall acknowledge the site by following his briefing and acceptance of all the terms, procedures and provisions of the auction and agreeing to its contents
  • You undertake as a user of the site not to use robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to enter the robot exclusion headers contained in the site without obtaining prior permission for any reason.
  • In the event that there is a technical problem encountered by one of the members and / or bidders during the use of the website and during the auction, he must inform the management of your auction as soon as he finds out about the problem, provided that the administration will work to solve the problem as soon as possible, knowing that the administration will not be extending the auction time if the problem is individual and that your auction does not bear any responsibility in the event that the bidding opportunity is missed until the problem is resolved and the bidder pledges that he will not claim your auction for any compensation for any damage caused by the problem or missed the opportunity.
  • In the event that there is any material error in listing any commodity offered for bidding (such as an error in a number or plate symbol or its issuing body) and it was discovered after the end of the auction, then your auction will correct the error and the bidder who has an auction has the right to accept the commodity or recover the amount of insurance and is not entitled to claim Any other option