Shipping and delivery

Receipt of goods sold

  • The customer must receive his purchases according to the specified period in the event that shipping is not within the services, and in the case of vehicle auction sales, the customer must withdraw the vehicles from the auction site within seven days from the date of sale and in the event of shipping the customer bears the follow-up of the shipping process with the shipping company without any Liability for the auction
  •  Vehicles or goods are delivered to the buyer after bringing proof (removal of the vehicle’s primary owner’s name) and completion of auction terms
  •  The goods or vehicles are delivered and the exit permit is issued to the buyer himself or his legal representative or authorized by him in accordance with a certified letter
  • Goods or vehicles sold from the auction warehouse land are transferred to the warehouse land in the event that the buyer does not receive his vehicles after seven days from the date of sale
  • Storage charges are calculated at seventy five riyals, 75 riyals for each day after the date of delivery
  • If the storage expenses exceed the value of the vehicle, the company has the right to resell it and meet its price for itself, and the buyer has no right to claim the good or the vehicle or its value