About us

Company information

Mozayada is a Saudi company registered with the Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and operates according to the regulations of the Minister of commercial and Industry (MCI) and all instructions issued by the relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


 E-Auctions (MFDCO) are services for online sales platforms for all merchandise in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for e-commerce. Founded in 2018 through its electronic platform


 Mozayada has several partnerships, the most important of which is the partnership with Al-Qahtani for public and international auctions (www.qahtaniauction.com).

 To support the platform in contracts with governmental, semi-governmental and private entities (non-ownership business partnership).



Mozayada has taken a well-thought out strategy and timeline to launch in three stages to support online auctions in several types, such as:

• Live auctions

• Auctions are closed sealed

•Direct sale.


Vision and goal:

The company seeks to be the largest company specialized in organizing electronic auctions for all purposes by various means in the local and regional market.

The platform was launched for the first stage in 2020 with the aim of reaching the global stage during the development of the second and third stages.


The message

Providing services to customers in a distinctive manner while maintaining the confidentiality of information, accuracy in work, commitment and professional integrity, which contributes to enhancing the company's name and its position among competitors.



•Direct sale

• Selling by auction

• Property transfer services

• Periodic inspection services

• Shipping services

• Logistics services

Mozayada will add the necessary services according to the development plans